Louis Reyners

The CM and GIS Electric Chain Hoists will provide you with a wide choice of top quality entertainment hoists. We can supply you with the right hoist for any event and situation. We can adjust the hoists for you if necessary, ask us about the possibilities. CM LODES TAR , THE POWER TO PERFORM ! With the Lodestar entertainment hoist (for use in upright or inverted position), CM is one of the leading companies worldwide. Generations of users and could and still can rely on the superb reliability and long service life of the Lodestar. In addition to reliability and longevity, the “New Line” Lodestar, which was introduced eight years ago, has a number of new features, which include ensuring very smooth running at a low noise level. In addition to application in the touring, the Lodestar is now also suitable to be used in the theatres. From major music events up till international sports events and theatre performances, organizers can count on the excellent reliability, each show again. F EATURES OF THE “NEW L I NE ” LODES TAR : • Capacities from 0,125 t to 2 t (new line 2 t also available as single reeved unit); • Speed from 2 to 30 m/min; • Power supply, 1 or 3 phase; • Directly controlled (DC) or low voltage control (LV); • Chain wheel with 5 pockets for improved chain wear and smooth running; • Load limiter outside the gear train, meets international standards; • Helical gearing: for less noise; • New connection panel for quick and easy access to the circuit board, transformer with fuses and relay; • Intorq DC brake; • Control voltage (LV control): standard 110V, for long cable lengths w/o power drop, optional available in 24V or 48V version; • Durable, lightweight body: aluminum alloy with a matt black finish coating; • Duty-cycle-FEM class 2 m, designed for extensive use: 30 minutes at 240 switches per hour; • Electrical connections: the hoists are “touch proof” and comply to all requirements; • Finger safe wiring and quick-change plug-and-play connectors allow easy voltage change from 208/230 to 460. • Prevents improper voltage connections which can cause hoist damage (only Low Voltage version); • Adjustable limit switches: provide an automatic stop in the lowest and highest position at any desired point (only Low Voltage version); • Double brake: optional. A second brake is easy and fast to install, also afterwards as retrofit kit; • Encoders are optional on the slow and / or fast shafts, incremental or absolute; • Latest upgrade: external chain plate results in: - ultimate chain feeding; - longer lifetime of other internal parts (housing chain guides); • Also available with variable speed; • Optionally available with safety hooks: Alloy Latchlok Hooks with automatic locking when hoisting by means of locking/catch system. G I S L PM , THE L I GHT LOAD L I F T ER ! Simple and easy to use – reliable and safe in operation – longlasting and easy to maintain. In theatres, schools, sports centres, multifunction event venues, arenas, congress centres, TV studios or on concert tours, GIS chain hoists are in use worldwide. Developed and manufactured in Switzerland – for the world market. • The case hardened and manganese phosphated profile steel chain provides about 15% more capacity at an identical nominal diameter compared to the round steel chain. The higher cross-sectional area reduces wear and increases the lifetime of the chain. The manganese phosphating improves its corrosion resistance and dry running properties. • LPM, the smallest chain hoist of the LP-family, weighing only 12 kg, lifts up to 400 kg as a D8-hoist. It is modular in design with compact construction which is why it is perfectly suited for the integration in traverses. It offers the option to equip the hoist as D8-Plus by mounting a second DC-springloaded brake on the existing shaft. • All LP electric chain hoists are equipped with a 3-stage selfcontained gear. The helical gearing with geometric optimisation ensures extremely quiet running. This allows the handling of loads during events. Thanks to the protection provided by the cover and housing the sound pressure level of the LP is only 65 dB. This makes it one of the quietest motors available on the market. • A feature of the hoist is the protection class IP65. It is dust proof and protected against water jets. The LP is perfectly suitable for outside use, even under the most difficult conditions. On open-air events or on concert tours, the rigger will appreciate the weather resistance and reliability of this electric chain hoist. Our salesteam is available for any advise in purchase or use of the hoists. Please call + 31 (0) 75 650 47 52 or send an email to info@lr.nl . E L ECTR I C CHA I N HO I S T S \ \ See our website www.lr.nl for our complete range of products with the latest information and current prices. 3